Vanilla 1.20.1 Server w/ Plugins

Thanks for considering playing at CraftNectar! We'd love to have you on the server! With 32GB of RAM we have plenty of resources for you! We have a delightful server packed full of features via plugins. We have multiple worlds running concurrently on CraftNectar. At the moment we have the following worlds:

  • SMP Survival World
  • Floating Island Parkour World
  • End/Nether
  • Doodle Jump vs Game World
  • Skyblock
  • A Hub World/Giant Castle

We are also packing all the best and latest plugins - including Dynmap, Essentials, LuckPerms, Multiverse, Geyser, GSit, DiscordLink, Damage Indicators, and GriefPrevention

We are building a new community at the moment since we have switched over from modded fabric to vanilla/spigot(paper). We are welcoming all new members regardless of age or skills, as long as you are a decent person you have a place at CraftNectar. I am also giving out VIP/OG ranks for newly joining and active members - these ranks will translate into some pretty cool perks as time goes on and I implement more and more things on the server.I have great things planned for the future of CraftNectar, so hop on in today and get to playing!



We have a parkour map featuring 8 different floating islands with unique parkour challenges! A beatufiul map that is tons of fun! Get there with /parkour



CraftNectar is accessible from both Bedrock and Java clients via GeyserMC. Link your Bedrock and Java accounts here


Multiple Worlds

We run multiple worlds on the server, accessible with shortcut commands. Seamlessly switch between multiple worlds with different things to do using custom shortcut commands we created. Portals comming soon to the Hub world for even easier access!



We run Iridium Skyblock. Run /island to generate your island. Simply use another world command to leave your island. Use /skyblock to reach your island again.